What are the disadvantages of microblading?

Posted on Jan 18, 2020 in Beauty Eyes

What are the disadvantages of microblading?


Our systems respond differently to various substances, not everything that is good for the body of another person is good for you and you will still have to control it. There is a use of an organic pigment for micro blading; your body may only be allergic to this pigment. This is why you must find an estheticist who has strong PMU experience, who will first test you to find out if your body is compatible with the pigment. You cannot afford to say that it functions until you do a test. Let’s see other disadvantages of microblading.

There are some requirements that will lock you out of this process, not only everyone can experience that process. For example, if you are pregnant, it is advised you do not participate even though you want it badly. Other disorders that can lock you up include, diabetes, HIV, hemophilia, hepatitis, etc. Because it is not advisable if you are in such a situation that you do not should pursue this operation, that means that you will not accomplish what you want and that is the darker side of the method.

It can lead to infection

This depends entirely on the sort of technician who works on you. If they do not have sufficient PMU training, they may cause infection. Microwave requires the use of very small needles used to fix the pigment to the eyebrows which can transmit certain diseases and conditions, such as HIV and skin infections, if used on different individuals without proper sterilization and this may be risky, but if performed by a professional technician you would not have the experience.


Relatively longer healing time

It can take a little longer to recover; it usually takes up to a month to heal completely. If you are a busy person, this could in many ways discomfort you. This method might not be convenient for people who are supposed to attend meetings of the board every day in office.