Welcome to my award-winning blog, I am Brenda, a lass with a lot of knowledge and enthusiasm for beauty.

My beauty interest started at the age of seven when I discovered red nail varnish, after promising myself I would wear red when I was a grown-up, which I did and do. Sadly the eighties meant that I went through the blue phase, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, all at the same time! the photos are safely away from public viewing.

Now I find myself a beauty blogger and self-appointed beauty editor, my background is based in beauty, I have the qualification in Anatomy, Physiology and Swedish Massage, I trained as a beauty consultant and makeup artist, working on the counter, editorial shoots and events.

I hope to share my knowledge of products and application techniques, now I am in my forties I want to show you that age does not define you when it comes to cosmetics, no number means you have to be a certain way or wear or use a particular product.