Posted on May 10, 2020 in Cosmetics, Glowing Skin

Tips to prevent skin from ageing at 30

Some people have great genes and a lovely, youthful skin. But in this way, you might not be blessed. The following are some of the common causes of premature skin ageing:

  1. Exposure to the sun

Do you spend any time in the sun? If you take the right precautions to protect your skin from harmful UV damage? The sun is extremely harmful to the skin, so wearing high SPF sunscreen and protective clothing is necessary.

  1. Smoking

Smoking is another explanation for premature skin ageing. When you smoke, your skin will be wrinkled and dusty. Smoking reduces the blood vessels, making it impossible for proper circulation. This leads to skin ageing and other health issues.

  1. Unhealthy diet

If you do not consume healthy foods, your skin will lack the right nutrients. The skin must be adequately nourished to preserve firmness, tone and texture. You will suffer from wrinkled sloping skin without adequate antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acid.

Follow these tips to prevent skin from ageing at 30 or minimize it:

  1. Keep your body hydrated properly.

This makes the skin smoother and less likely to grow fine lines. Water is good for this reason, but you know what is nice about green tea, too. Green tea is full of antioxidant nutrients which are a major cause of ageing, which battle free radical harm.

  1. Hydrate the skin with an inoffensive hydrating agent like cocoa oil.

Most of the moisturizers available in the shops block pores of the skin instead of feeding them. This relates especially to products containing several harmful toxins.

See, the skin is not just the biggest organ, it is the thinnest organ. Therefore, if you use skin products containing harmful toxins in your body, your skin will absorb them easily. This could have serious health effects in the long run.

premature ageing

  1. Changes in lifestyle may lead to reducing premature ageing.

Get ample rest and do not smoke. These two factors will adversely affect the health of your skin.

  1. Feed a high diet of omega-3 and antioxidants.

Omega 3 allows the skin and antioxidants to hydrate, which decreases noticeable signs of ageing as previously described. Fruits and leafy vegetables are strong sources of these nutrients.

Of course, for one cause or another, people are not eating enough of these foods and are more prone to illness and look older than they are actually. If you do not eat a healthy diet, the natural supplement is the next best way to stop aging in 30 and get the nutrients required for your skin and body.