Some advice to take care of eyebrows naturally

Posted on Oct 25, 2019 in Beauty Eyes

Some advice to take care of eyebrows naturally

The specifics that describe your features and complete your appearance need special attention. Find out what are the ways for caring about eyebrows naturally.

Pluck your eyebrows properly

Since certain strings do not develop back instantly, always be careful to pluck the strings: do not lessen the width, but pluck the strings out of the contour. If your eyebrows are heavy, comb them in the increasing direction and you will exactly find the strings you need to cut. Take the string near the root and pluck it with a single, firm move.

If your skin is rough, massage it before plucking with a moisturizing cream. In addition, it is easier to pluck the eyes on the night, after bath and after skin purification to minimize the risk of inflammation and redness, as the pores are open and the plucking of eyes would be less painful. You can apply boiled chamomile teabags cooled on the newly plucked eyebrows for extra care.

Please check about your eyebrows

Castor-oil promotes the development and helps regenerate eyebrows and provides them with extra brilliance. You should, of course, use an old mascara brush after you clean it. When washing your face, do not forget the eyebrows, particularly when using colour or makeup on them.

colour or makeup

Tricks for makeup

You may not have to point out the eyebrows for the day makeup. You can comb it with a small brush and form it with a clear gel. If you do want to use an intricate made-up, you can pick a crayon or make-up that suits your eyebrows. Before you go to bed, do not forget to remove it. The hair colour and the eyebrow colour must be in complete harmony. You have to change the colour of your eyebrows when you colorize your hair, but be careful.